This site is a FREE SPEECH site, there are no safeguards for Profanity, Porn, Moral and/or Illegal content.
If you wish to visit a VW site that controls everything from what you can/can't say,
or speak about certain company's or mention a local street race event, then this link is for you.

Click Here

The vwvortex site is a very nice site that has a lot of moderators to monitor your every move, so please feel free to go there.
I am not looking to compete with any other site, nor is this site about making money.
It is about having a site dedicated to the MK1 Volkswagens where the people
can have a free speech site and talk about anything that they desire.

I don't want to have a list of rules, disclaimers or a bunch of legal crap that no one reads anyway,
the terms of service consists of you being HUMAN!
I only ask that you treat each other with respect, if you need to argue, fight or bicker like some old cunts
then pick up the phone or meet in person and then you are free to beat the living shit out of each other.
I will simply delete posts that become disruptive, I don't want to EVER have to
ban or delete a post for any reason, but there is always an exception.
I will try to keep this site as plain but tasteful as possible.
All of the fancy shit kills performance, especially those still on dial up.

Please enjoy your stay!

The users that received a similar message as seen below are especially welcome!

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